Other Surgeons and Reseachers were instrumental in the development of this web site, either as my respected teachers, suporters, or as collegeus who contributed directly or indirectly

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To use some of our secure services, "cookies" may need to be enabled. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored in your computer when you visit a Web site.

Public websites? We will not sell, rent or license any - in general - nor personal information you provide in particular within our public websites unless you authorize it.

Sometimes when I'm online, I encounter pop-up ads, unusual links or other behavior that I find annoying and distracting. What is openabdomen.org's position on these pop-ups and links? This type of behavior is the result of "adware" and "spyware." "Spyware" is technology that tracks a site visitor's online behavior without his or her knowledge. "Adware" is software that displays advertising banners. Adware and spyware can be combined to track a person's preferences and distribute them to third parties. We do not use these technologies and urge site visitors to practice "safe computing" by verifying the source of online offers before downloading software or visiting other sites.

How does this privacy statement apply to me if I'm not a U.S. customer? Your continued use of our public websites from within the European Union ("EU") or other non-U.S. country means that you are giving your consent to have your personal information processed outside the EU or other country in accordance with the protection described in our privacy pages.

* "Public" describes sites that do not require a password to access information. "Secure" describes sites that do require a password to log in before accessing information.

Effective Date
The effective date of this policy is October 10, 2015.